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Los Cabos Rental and Property Management Services

Cabo VIP Rentals is your professional rental and property management service provider specializing in Cabo San Lucas and greater Los Cabos region. As a Revel Coast Capital company, Cabo VIP Rentals you benefit in a wealth of expertise in real estate investment, development and management in Cabo. With multiple service options across our full range of services for real estate owners and investors. Your management team is dedicated to optimizing revenue management, providing exceptional guest service and ensuring property assets are carefully maintained. With international operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico our multi-lingual professional team are ready provide full service solutions for Owners and Guests.

Rental Management

  • International Rental & Guest Service Team
  • Global Sales Distribution & Channel Management
  • Advanced Distribution and Management Technology
  • Property Listing Optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing & Strategy
  • Yield Management
  • Digital & Strategic Marketing
  • Affiliate Agent Distribution
  • 24/7 VIP Guest Services & Concierge 
  • Guest Screening
  • Guest Directory Design
  • Data Management
  • Market Analytics
  • Detailed Financial Reporting 
  • Professional Tax Reporting
  • Owner Statements
  • Owner Calendar & Booking Management
  • Owner’s Friends & Family Hotel Discounts 
  • Photography, Video, Drones & 3D Property Tours
  • Property Booking Website*

Rental & Property Management

  • Rental Management Services +
  • Property & Grounds Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Cleaning & Upkeep
  • Utilities & Services Administration
  • Bookkeeping & Records
  • Inventory Management
  • Severe Weather Preparations
  • Guest Access & Preparations
  • Owner Services 
  • Legal Compliance Assistance
  • IoT Systems Management 
  • Property Rental Performance Assessments
  • Construction & Renovations Management
  • Interior Design & Furnishing


Owner Service Commitment

Trust | Working with a reliable partner whom you can trust with your investment is essential. 
Performance | Participate in the entire global marketplace distribution and direct marketing programs. 
Experience | A highly experienced and dynamic international team working for you and your investment.
Commitment | Your success is our success. As Cabo real estate investors we live in your shoes every day.

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Account Management

Owners have a dedicated Account Manager to provide personalized service and response. 

vacation rental property management
Asset Management

Your asset is our priority. We ensure you have peace of mind that our professional team committed to all aspects of your property. 

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Global Distribution

Gain global sales distribution management through our leading edge technology and capabilities to optimize yield. 

VIP Guest Service

Guests enjoy full VIP level services for all portfolio properties. 

Contact a Cabo VIP Manager

We are happy to review all of our services with you and discuss a solution that meet your needs. 

Your success is our success.

We offer a range of tailored services for real estate owners and investors supporting the success of your property. Our dedicated team focuses on optimizing revenue delivering VIP guest services and carefully maintaining your assets.

Your Investment Property And Peace of Mind Is Our Top Priority

Our operations span across borders including the United States, Canada and Mexico. This allows our multilingual team to provide solutions, for both owners and guests. Whether you own a property and want to increase your earnings or if you’re a vacationer looking for the rental Cabo VIP Rentals is here to ensure that your experience, in Cabo San Lucas is aligned with your expectations.

Discover the opportunities that come with Cabo VIP Rentals and discover the potential of your vacation rental. Get started with the VIP Advantage where your property performs and your guests create unforgettable memories.

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“Cabo VIP Rentals has been incredible to work with as our rental and property manager in Cabo. We love that they take care of all of the rental bookings and we simply get paid.”


Refer your friend or family that needs professional rental management services and we will issue you a $1,000 USD vacation voucher with Cabo VIP Rentals.